Vurmilus in battle, drawn by a warrior that fought in the battle of Utuva.

Who is Vurmilus?== Vurmilus is the oldest known survivor of the powerful spell that destroyed the old world of Midaea . It's said he survived by having his loyal warriors offer their lives and by using the strenght of the physical world, and the spiritual world, he was able to create a shield around himself and survived the blast inside the throne chamber. Very few have survived the spell that destroyed the Evil Empire, but it's also said that he died in a field 2 miles from the Tower, plundering villages when the blast happened. Whatever the story may be, it's well known that he may be still be somehow alive. Some say he takes the form of a warrior that he feels is the strongest, some say he still exists, locked in time and in hatred. In the old ages, he wore a form of metal now extinct, Korabrium stronger than obsidian, rarer than diamond, no one knows where this armor is, but he's known to wear a fine diamond armor, crafted  by Vurmilus himself, stronger than average, along with his fury and unquenchable thirst for blood, this makes him a very real threat. He was supposedly a regular soldier in the old age, but was well known for his quick learning, his cleverness, and his violent hatred.

Where might he live now?Edit

No one knows for sure about his whereabouts, but some say he often visits the supposed tower that saved his life, he now is known to currently lead the modern Evil Empire. Rumors say that he owns a lodge near the tower, rotting now, but supposedly belonged to him before he became part of the Empire.

Known AbilitiesEdit

Little is known about Vurmilus, but some writing from the ancient days show that he has unmeasurable strength, a strong sense of magic, and a strategist. There is a known weakness constantly rewritten through the ancient literature, apparently Emperor Valyr was fearful of his power, so he studied him closely, finding out that Vurmilus is only able to conjure up his unmeasureable power through becoming very enraged,when he's calm, he has no more magical power than a normal battle mage, he is a well trained swordsman, and trained well in defense. The warning signs great warriors who will attempt to take his life need to know that he gets angry quite easily, to slay him, you must be very quick and very accuracy, in the likely event that you fail to harm him, he will get very angry, this is noticed almost immediatly as it's known that victims are hit will a sense of fear and become oblivious to preserving their lives. The second sign that shows he's nearing his full fury is that things may start to move around him, small rocks and sand will rise up shaking violently. The third and final sign is when he really is infuriated, he will begin to go into a different state of mind, no fear, no remorse, and no sense of friend from foe, he will kill anyone that he can no matter who they are, his strength can break stone, and power of magic becomes unmatched. Keep him calm and according to the literature, he cannot cause much damage or become much of a threat.

If the stories are true and he can reincarnate, it's known that certain incancations can stop this, destroying him possibly forever unless the spell is reversed


What is currently known and revealed in the ancient literature as well is that Vurmilus is not always evil, it's said he often goes into phases of peace, where he acts like the opposite of his more known evil self. It's said he often enjoys fine meals, fishing, and farming when he goes into these phases, which can be seen during his normal behavior, it's commonly drawn that he farms often, loves to eat high in giant feasts, and at times, will even fish, this suprising fact led some monks of the Krulat religion believe that he may be possessed by a very powerful and sinster demon, which causes him to go into a rage, while it's well known that he has an incredibly hateful character, it's also possible he may be under the control of a more sinister demon. Looking through the ancient archives of spirits, it was found that there are seven possible culprits. The demon Sol'Tie, a demon of hate and war, linked to a warrior who was a general for the City of the Warrior. There is the demon Velon, known to be a clever and wicked demon, capable of possessing hosts without trouble and turning them into war machines.  The demon Pilun, who is known to cause a sensation of pure anger and hatred, and has been able to drive his victims to madness or suicide, some say this demon is responsible for the annihalation of the Hult warrior civilization, known to be the most powerful faction until the 5. The triplets, Sol, Fur, and Hy, these three are very malicious demons and normally work together to take a victim, they often fight for full control of the body during situations, which causes the victim to go into a rage. The last demon that is likely to do this is Morutilus, once a god, now a powerful demon, selects it's victim after many years and causes the victim to be very strong and very angry, and that's because the demon is furious for being thrown aside, he is the most fair, but also the most vengeful of any demon ever to exist, it's been concluded by the Krulat council that Morutilus is the demon responsible, and are attempted to create a spell that may free Vurmilus from the demon, if he truely is possessed.

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