Recent Times Edit


Ra'eth of the Sracuse

Ra'eth is a lieutenant under Bathas Stellmonger, he replaced the slain Boras Badstubar. He is considered one of the greatest archers in all of Midaea in the present time, he presents great skills in scouting as well, he played a great role in the founding of Rivaden due to his scouting skills. Recent rumors spread about Ra'eth that his family may have blood ties to the great archers of the past, his father and brother were both great archers as well, his father, Kul'sah of the Sracuse was one of the first archers to ever spread since history began to be re-recorded. He currently resides in Rivaden.

Early YearsEdit

Ra'eth was born into the Sracuse family of Elves, it is said to be the greatest Elf family for their amazing archery blood lines, alsmot everyone who was born to them became a great Archer, Ra'eth learned the art of archery from his father, Kul'sah, Kul'sah fought to aid the light in the battle agasint the dark armies, Ra'eth, like most Elves in his family was born into wealth. He spent 15 years learning Archery before he joined the armies of the light. He wandred around severel light camps until he found Bathas Stellmonger 's Militia and felt unbearable need to join it.

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