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In the world of Midaea, life has always been a battle, great tribes formed and great tribes were destroyed. The creatures of an ungodly land trekked upon the land of the good. Great civilizations grew from these wars, ensuring survival. All life on Midaea exists as it is now because of the 5 God Civilizations. A philosopher K'Lae of the Elves discovered an ancient city, ancient architecture and literature led to prove the city was around a few hundred thousand years old. Materials that do not exist in the current world, covered the city. This news spread throughout the world, orcs were hired to move the ruins and find more things that can reveal the past. They succeeded, and found that the literature was written in the human langauge of English. Through reading the ancient literature, it was discovered that 5 very powerful civilizations existed, in the writting, they were called the People of the Gods. Each civilization held it's own power in a massive city. The city of Illusion was known to be the  capital of wizards and witches of the world, they practiced magic and optimized it for combat, and for good. They were known to use battle mages. The City of the Warrior was known to have a different type of armor, unlike normal diamond, theirs held a certain ability, they never broke, never wore out, and were devastating, it's said their warriors would slaughter hundreds of regular soldiers today. The City of Thieves were known as the greatest rogues of the world, they regularly encouraged to be a silent killer, being clever was the most important trait to them. The City of Architecture was once a clan, but were the first to build amazing structures, their walls, unbreakable, their towers unmatchable, they built the best of the best, all civilizations failed to even break their walls during attacks, some consider them sons and daughters of gods for what they built. And finally...The City of the Corrupt, they were very, very evil. It's said the nether is a horrible place to be, none would even dare look at them, they were the most powerful civilization ever to exist in the entire history of Midaea, practicing the darkest and most forbidden forms of magic, warriors unmatched, able to summon lost brethren into battle, and even reincarnate. Their Citadel was a fearsome city, built by the slaves of the City of Architecture, their warriors trained by the tortured generals of the City of Warriors,and the Wizards. All the factions banded  together to fight this evil civilization. They all lost, in a last attempt to save the free world, the City of Wizards rallied all the other civilizations and together they conjured up a spell so powerful, it destroyed the world and left it barren for four thousand years, until life,created by the lost heroes of the old age, came to life. All that exists now was created by the creation of the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who died to save Midaea, the evil empire fell and receded forever. However, some writing from the literature says some of the brave warriors still exist, in small clans, regrowing, as for the evil empire...It never died, the tower they built to save them stood strong, though badly damaged and forever cursed in a frozen land, the tower stands, black as the evil souls of the dead, surrounded by lava. There is hope, the tower is the last permanent structure left. Two alliances were immediatly made following this news, the Light, and the Dark. The light fought to find the lost heroes and save them, bringing the world to peace, the Dark live only to help the Evil Empire continue it's siege on the freeworld.

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