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Boras Badstubar was a Lieutenant under Bathas Stellmonger, he was the leader of their Archers he was claimed to be on of the most powerful Archers around Midaea at that present time. 2 years after Bathas was promoted to the General of the Militia Boras was very disobedient to his orders, Boras grew jelous of Bathas's succession in the Militia and wished to attain Bathas's fame and power. One day Boras lead a meeting with his Archers, he made a speech about his opinion on Bathas to try and get some of the Archers on his side, his opion was very unpopular however. 3 weeks after his meeting he told his Archers that he wanted to split up into a seperate Militia and be the General of it, of course many of the Archers denounced the idea, but Boras offered incentives, like money, at the time the Militia men were very poor and they had no choice but to join Boras, so Boras split his Miltia and lead raids agasint Bathas for one year and a half, until one battle Bathas took his steel sword to Boras's chest and killed him, the Archers that remain returned to Bathas's Militia.

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