Bathas Steelmonger

Recent Years

Bathas Stellmonger is the founder of the Light's capital Rivaden. He found fame before it was founded however, he lead several Militials in Midaea agasint the Dark Empire's, he was no ordinary leader however, he is arguably one of the greatest army leaders every since Midaea 's history began to be re-recorded. Several leaders began to challenge his power, leaders that worked in the same cause also wanted his fame and power, one man in particular by the name of Boras Badstubar , attempted to split the lights orginal small Miltias away from Bathas's lead, he lead several raids agasint Bathas, the small battle's lasted 1 year and a half before Bathas destroyed his camp and killed Boras, the conflicts subsided and Bathas continued his campaign agasint the dark armies. Bathas and his Militia moved their camp because they were discovered due to their conflicts, Bathas moved East, until he found a mountain range in which Rivaden was founded on, he had Ra'eth of the Sracuse scout the mountains, he insured it was safe and they began builiding it.

Early YearsEdit

Bathas grew up in a resistance camp, on the North side of Midaea , his Mother died while giving birth to him, his father  was a warrior who faught in the small Militia that the camp held to protect it, since his father was rarley around and his Mother was killed in birth he was raised by his Uncle, his Uncle was a master Blacksmith he raised Bathas for 15 years before he joined the Militia. One night the camp was raided by the Dark Army and Bathas's father lay dead, as did his Uncle, Bathas roamed Midaea looking for camp's so that he could continue fighting for what he belived in, he walked to the North East side of Midaea where he found a small town and joined the Militia after 16 years of rising in the ranks he was promoted the leader of the Militia.

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