Arth Rogas

Recent TimesEdit

Arth is a lieutenant under Bathas Stellmonger, he is the only Mage within Bathas's Militia he is one of the very few Mages left in the world, there is estimated to be about 5 (including Arth) he is undoubtly powerfull, he is a master of fire magic he used to in a school of magic in the North East end of Midaea. He was attracted to Bathas's cause due to the fact that he agreed that the Dark Armies should be destroyed Bathas was proud to immdeatly promote Arth to a high position because of his great mastery in his area of study. He currently resides in Rivaden.

Early YearsEdit

Arth was born in city of which name is currently unkown due to the fact that it was destroyed by the Dark Army in search of Arth, by the time that they attact Arth had already left to Join Bathas's Militia. The name of his father is unkown because his father was exacuted by the Dark Armies after he was discovered to be one of the few mages left over, so Arth was raised by a poor family in the city in which he lived. His powers devolped naturally as he grew older, and he embraced it which allowed him to master fire magic.

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